The Ease of a Bed and Breakfast

easy bed and breakfastLife is easy when you stay at a bed and breakfast. Your first meal of the day is served to you, there are no expectations on you and you are not competing with a slew of other guests for attention from the staff. How many of us have paid top dollar to stay at a hotel only to find the food terrible, the service lousy and you having to fend for yourself for any amenity or service you require. For a more rewarding, pleasant and easy vacation, stay at a bed and breakfast.

Because breakfast is one of the selling points of a bed and breakfast, it is consistently well done. People staying at a bed and breakfast can count on a nourishing, delicious and tasty first meal of the day. Bed and breakfasts almost always offer high quality breakfast ingredients, including everyone’s favorite breakfast proteins. The meal is served at the same time every day and is presented with finesse.

The service provided at a bed and breakfast is far superior to the service at a hotel. Hotels overbook as a matter of practice, so their huge facilities generally house more people in a night than they can even manage. At a bed and breakfast, guests are not competing for the attention of the staff. Some bed and breakfasts only book one room per night simply to honor the ethic of good customer service. Others let a few rooms a night, but still focus on a minimal number of guests rather than a large group. Not only does this ensure that all the guests needs are met in a timely matter but it also ensures the high quality of the time spent on vacation, full of enriching experiences.

The Invigoration of a Bed and Breakfast


invigorating bed and breakfastStaying at a bed and breakfast can be just what you need in order to feel invigorated and refreshed. The daily grind can take a lot out of us, and it is important to replace the energy that is sucked out of you through life obligations by rewarding yourself with something like a stay in a bed and breakfast. The charming atmosphere, unique hospitality and memorable experiences you will encounter will make you feel like a new person.

One of the strongest appeals that staying at a bed and breakfast has over staying in a hotel is its atmosphere. Where as hotels are relatively unoriginal in their layout, a bed and breakfast is one of a kind. The homes that facilitate bed and breakfasts are often absolute dream homes. They may be small, classic boutique houses, mansions, seaside cottages, mountain cabins, quaint countryside homes or a number of other endearing house types.

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The service and hospitality received at a bed and breakfast are very memorable. Bed and breakfast establishments only take a few guests at a time which means they are able to focus attentively on the guests they have. Hotel staff can often become overwhelmed with the volume of guests they receive and guest needs go to the wayside. At a bed and breakfast, the highly personalized service delivered by people who are comfortable and attentive in their own homes is the best that hospitality can offer.

All of these positive attributes create an experience far more memorable than one can find at a hotel. People are far more likely to be themselves and come away with memorable vacation stories and unique experiences when they stay at a bed and breakfast. One simply cannot create the same kind of memories staying at a hotel.

The Relaxation of a Bed and Breakfast

relaxing bed and breakfastA bed and breakfast stay is the epitome of a relaxing vacation. Picture the countryside, mountainside or seaside setting. Picture the silence and peacefulness of being the only guest. Picture the comfort of having the first meal of the day prepared for you. All of these things and more can be found at a bed and breakfast.

One of the main selling points of a bed and breakfast is that it feels like home. This is primarily because bed and breakfasts are situated in someone’s home. Unlike a uniform hotel room that looks like every other hotel room, a bed and breakfast offers character in its living environment. The homes are often charming and unique, as well as situated in a beautiful area. All of the comforts of home are made available to you, including a private yard, a full kitchen and every amenity that is commonly found in a person’s home.

Another attractive quality to a bed and breakfast is that the customer service is highly personalized. The people who occupy the home and rent it out as a bed and breakfast do so because they have a passion for hospitality. This passion creates a very warm environment to stay in with customer service that people actually enjoy giving and receiving. Not only will all your personal needs be met graciously, but you will have conversation partners and people to socialize with. This allows guests to relax and put aside the need to manage everything.

Bed and breakfast establishments are also quieter than hotels, which makes them desirable vacation spots. Where as hotels are full of as many as hundreds of guests, all with their own needs and requirements, a bed and breakfast establishment typically only takes one guest at a time, or a mere handful of parties. This makes the experience so much more personalized and tended to, creating the ideal relaxing environment for guests.