The true meaning of breakfast in bed

If you have seen movies where people prepare breakfast for their loved ones while they are in bed, you will observe the smile that lit their faces. Breakfast in bed is a romantic and kind gesture that you can do to anyone you care about.

People have various interpretations to breakfast in bed. To some people, having their breakfast in bed comes with no romantic meaning or interpretation. They just feel like doing it and they attach little or no importance to it.

Another category of people see breakfast in bed in a different light. To them, it is the ideal opportunity to love up to their loved ones and make them know how well they care about them.

The real concept of breakfast in bed is to show care and love and it comes in handy when needed. For instance, if you fought with your partner the night before and you want to apologize, one of the ways to fix it is by giving them breakfast in bed.

The truth is, they would not see it coming and even if they are angry with you, your show of love and care would make them rethink how they feel. The practice of breakfast in bed is not restricted to any gender as both male and female can do it.

As a man, if you are a busy professional who barely has time for his partner, one of the ways to bond is through breakfast in bed. You can take a day from work to prepare a lovely breakfast for your partner to show that you care.

Whoever is the recipient of breakfast in bed would surely not forget the kind gesture as it is a memory they would hold dear for the rest of their lives. If you are thinking of any romantic idea to make your partner happy, breakfast in bed is one you should consider.

How to organize breakfast in bed

When you hear the term “breakfast in bed”, it sounds like a romantic activity to do, in reality it is.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it won’t be a bad idea to prepare breakfast in the most romantic way for either you or your loved ones.

If you want to make breakfast in bed, here are some tips to organize it:


If you want to have breakfast in bed, you need to have planned this before the set date. You can start by having a list of everything you need. You will be ruining the breakfast in bed experience if you are eating and you have to stand up to get something from the fridge.

Ensure it is practical

When it comes to breakfast in bed, you don’t have to eat a heavy meal. All you need do is something basic and practical to prepare. An unpractical meal could leave your bed messy.

Make it personal

It is vital to make your breakfast in bed something personal and creative. If you are doing it for your partner, the same applies. Ensure the breakfast is what they would appreciate.

Ensure you are comfortable

The idea of organizing breakfast in bed is hinged on comfort. It means having breakfast at your pace. You can start with ensuring the tray is stable. If you spill juice, coffee or any liquid on your bed, you are ruining your experience.

Get a cushion for premium back support

You cannot lie down on the bed and eat, you need to sit up as you would at the dining. Hence, ensure you have a cushion that provides your back with good support. The last thing you want is to experience back pain after having breakfast in bed.  

Even if you prepare breakfast in bed for yourself or loved ones, you are sure to derive satisfaction. You will be happy with yourself and it is an experience you will look forward to.


Breakfast in bed is a concept which has been around for a while now, albeit it is practiced by a small number of people.

Not everybody knows what the concept behind breakfast in bed involves, but the reason for its widespread knowledge is the media, which has helped in portraying how it looks like.

These days, if you go on a vacation to another country, and you happen to lodge in a hotel, there is a likely chance that you would be served while you are still on your bed.

The reason for this is not to pamper you, but to show how much you are valued.

A good number of hotels usually do this, as a show of treating their clients right. They are aware of the fact that, you want the bed, and that is why you are paying good money.

So, giving you your breakfast in bed is one of the littlest gestures they can show.

Also, couples are known for giving themselves the breakfast in bed treat, and this is not limited to the male or female gender, anyone can decide to do this.

A good number of times, after a couple have enjoyed themselves all through the night, any of them could decide to give each other a treat, and one of the most profound ways to do this, is to serve them breakfast in bed.

Any of the couple can decide to do this, just to show the other that they are grateful for being in their lives. There are some fundamental ethics which surround having breakfast in bed, and one of them is sincerity.

Your partner might be surprised seeing you serve them food in bed, and they could think you want something, and that spurred you on to do it.

However, you need to make it clear to them that you do not have ulterior motives; it is just a show of love from your end

Another fundamental ethics which is needed is consistency. This is something you should do on a periodic basis. It should happen from time to time, and couples should take turns in giving each other breakfast in bed.


It is a pleasurable activity for you to stay in bed and have breakfast. When you get the first meal of the day in bed, you are free to eat it at your own pace. Basically, there is no competition whatsoever, and it also suggests that you are not in a hurry to rush off to anywhere.

Having breakfast in bed also implies that, you are on some sort of vacation, and you want the whole experience to be satisfying and blissful. People who have their breakfast in bed, can be sure of having a nutritious and delicious first breakfast of the day.

During this form of breakfast, the meal is prepared with the best of ingredients, which are highly nutritious.

Breakfast in bed service has a higher superiority when it comes to service delivery, and sometimes, it can be said to be better than the service which you would get at any standard conventional hotel.

During breakfast at bed, you are not competing to get the attention of anybody. This act gives you a feeling of invigoration and refreshments as well.

Breakfast in bed is necessary to get over the stress which the professional life comes with. It is necessary that we have a refill from time to time, and having breakfast in bed seems to be the most rewarding. It is essential that breakfast in bed is taken in a nice environment, so as to wrap up the entire feeling.

The hospitality which comes with breakfast in bed, can be regarded as having the capacity to give impressive memories. Breakfast in bed is normally for professionals, who are known to have stressful and busy lifestyles.

Hence, what they need do is, on a typical weekend, is to wake up, and be a recipient of breakfast in bed. Thereafter, they can decide to sleep after having a nice meal.

Having breakfast in bed can be regarded as having a nice meal at home. The only difference is; you would be treated like a guest because it is a paid-for service.

Bed & Breakfast In The Country

Many bed and breakfasts give individuals the opportunity to engage in the home-away-from-home experience, no matter where they decide to stay. Guests may then find themselves submerged into a relaxing environment, that contrasts with the hustle and bustle that they might feel within that of their daily lives. This can stem from work, and/or other such factors. It is through such that they are able to enjoy a locale of both comfortability and personality.

First and foremost is comfortability which stems from the atmosphere that the guests are subject to, as bed and breakfasts “typically have between four and eleven rooms, with six being the average”. Such accommodations offer a number of benefits for travelers—and/or those passing by, as it grants them a place to rest peacefully. Not only that, but they are able to avoid the normal amount of people they would face at a hotel, in exchange for a much smaller group. This gives individuals the opportunity to connect with those around them—if they chose to do so—and better engage in amenities with family, friends, etc. Then, depending on the location of their bed and breakfast they can also enjoy that of their surrounding view—whether they are lakeside, mountainside, or in other areas of nature/landscape.

Second is personality which comes through a number of factors, such as; decor and food. Decor is not only appealing to the eye, but serves as a unique feature for guests, as it varies from place to place. In turn, lodgers are able to not only take delight in their trip, but in their stay as well. Then—included within their rate—are tasty foods which they may have never eaten before. This allows them to embrace new dishes through the foods which they are presented with at breakfast time. In addition, some places even take food requests from their guests, which makes for an even more satisfying stay.           

In conclusion, bed and breakfasts serve as an option for anyone, and provide comfort and personality that differs from that of hotels—and/or other such establishments. For such places  have less interaction—and/or engagement—with customers, making the experience less memorable. But, as one looks into a wide range of bed and breakfasts, he/she is able to find one that fits his/her expectations—and/or needs—which can make for a much better stay than what one would experience in that of a standard hotel.