How to organize breakfast in bed

When you hear the term “breakfast in bed”, it sounds like a romantic activity to do, in reality it is.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it won’t be a bad idea to prepare breakfast in the most romantic way for either you or your loved ones.

If you want to make breakfast in bed, here are some tips to organize it:


If you want to have breakfast in bed, you need to have planned this before the set date. You can start by having a list of everything you need. You will be ruining the breakfast in bed experience if you are eating and you have to stand up to get something from the fridge.

Ensure it is practical

When it comes to breakfast in bed, you don’t have to eat a heavy meal. All you need do is something basic and practical to prepare. An unpractical meal could leave your bed messy.

Make it personal

It is vital to make your breakfast in bed something personal and creative. If you are doing it for your partner, the same applies. Ensure the breakfast is what they would appreciate.

Ensure you are comfortable

The idea of organizing breakfast in bed is hinged on comfort. It means having breakfast at your pace. You can start with ensuring the tray is stable. If you spill juice, coffee or any liquid on your bed, you are ruining your experience.

Get a cushion for premium back support

You cannot lie down on the bed and eat, you need to sit up as you would at the dining. Hence, ensure you have a cushion that provides your back with good support. The last thing you want is to experience back pain after having breakfast in bed.  

Even if you prepare breakfast in bed for yourself or loved ones, you are sure to derive satisfaction. You will be happy with yourself and it is an experience you will look forward to.

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