Breakfast in bed is a concept which has been around for a while now, albeit it is practiced by a small number of people.

Not everybody knows what the concept behind breakfast in bed involves, but the reason for its widespread knowledge is the media, which has helped in portraying how it looks like.

These days, if you go on a vacation to another country, and you happen to lodge in a hotel, there is a likely chance that you would be served while you are still on your bed.

The reason for this is not to pamper you, but to show how much you are valued.

A good number of hotels usually do this, as a show of treating their clients right. They are aware of the fact that, you want the bed, and that is why you are paying good money.

So, giving you your breakfast in bed is one of the littlest gestures they can show.

Also, couples are known for giving themselves the breakfast in bed treat, and this is not limited to the male or female gender, anyone can decide to do this.

A good number of times, after a couple have enjoyed themselves all through the night, any of them could decide to give each other a treat, and one of the most profound ways to do this, is to serve them breakfast in bed.

Any of the couple can decide to do this, just to show the other that they are grateful for being in their lives. There are some fundamental ethics which surround having breakfast in bed, and one of them is sincerity.

Your partner might be surprised seeing you serve them food in bed, and they could think you want something, and that spurred you on to do it.

However, you need to make it clear to them that you do not have ulterior motives; it is just a show of love from your end

Another fundamental ethics which is needed is consistency. This is something you should do on a periodic basis. It should happen from time to time, and couples should take turns in giving each other breakfast in bed.

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